Ambient is a unique interactive music service delivering continuous
channels in crystal clear high resolution audio.
Playing the right music is scientifically proven to increase sales by
up to 15%*. With Ambient, whatever the size of your business, we
enable you to deliver the right music, maximising sales opportunity.
Unlike consumer services, Ambient is also business legal and gives
you complete control with pre-scheduling, multi-zone and a suite
of tools that save time and cost. Play on your device, or use our
free player.


Our vast catalogue is expertly curated into killer interactive channels that
delivers an on-brand continuous mix with no interruptions or ads.

The curation of these channels draws on our ground-breaking behavioural
which utilises cutting-edge neural sensors, machine learning and
artificial intelligence in real-world environments.

Ambient’s channels impact on dwell time, sales and customer satisfaction,
and also save you the time and hassle of dealing with conventional track
limited playlists.

You probably didn't realise how important using the right music service is to
your business. Try Ambient for free for 7 days, then only €30 a month for
business - personal subscriptions available through our Partners.

i Rights managed mode restricts music catalogue so local performing rights licenses are not required.

Demo mode:rights managed


The on-brand optimum music mix

delivered continuously

With Ambient, you're in control. Our scheduler empowers
you to choose exactly when channels are 'played'.

This enables you to create exactly the right type of mood
at different times of the day or week, backed by our unique
Integrated Intelligence scientific research.

Ambient playout is continuous thanks to our patent
pending 'Big Buffer' technology.

Music delivery is smoothed out to overcome internet
blips or even short term outages. So you can feel
assured of robust playback.



As a scientific organisation involved in deep machine learning and a member of the World Federation of Music Therapy, Ambient is leading the way music is most effectively used as a psychological sales and mood manipulation tool.

Using the right kind of music has already been proven to increase sales by up to 15% by Professor Sven-Olov Daunfeldt in the 2017 Swedish Institute study. It was also proven that the wrong music can alienate customer and reduce sales by up to 4%.

Ambient is taking this thesis one stage further. Our Integrated Intelligence research platform uses a combination of cutting edge artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, unique music categorisation and environmental sensors that, for the very first time, aim to make it possible to learn, manipulate and measure human behaviour, influence mood and hence sales, in absolute real time.


Connect and manage

multiple devices

For premises with multiple zones or locations,
Ambient is built for scale and easy management.

Add and control as many players as you require
simultaneously from a single power user account.

Use your own equipment or our range of players.
Our remote player is included free with yearly subscriptions.

Save time, save money and control the music
that defines your brand. Contact us for a quote.



Listen to hits from great artists or switch to our own label 'Rights Managed' mode and enjoy a separate catalogue that doesn’t require you to hold costly performing rights licenses.

This alternative catalogue is perfect for background music in retail, hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and particularly healthcare. A recent scientific study suggests that the lack of a pre-existing emotional connection to fresh new music establishes a more controllable emotional state predisposed to increased sales and well-being.

You can switch between the two modes instantly within our app for maximum ease.


Why we're different to

a consumer service

Ambient is designed to make music selection and
management a better experience for business.

Our features speak for themselves - we don't use
playlists, we create continuous killer channels and
our music selection tools like 'Mood Maker' are second
to none in helping you find your optimum mix.

But probably the most critical point is that as a
business, you will be playing the right music specially
generated to subconsciously put your customers in
a buying mood, rather than alienating them.

Switch to Ambient, get on brand and improve your
bottom line.